Enson, got a few questions

hey enson,
i just wanted to say that you are by far my favorite heavyweight fighter. i really admire your fighting spirit. especially how you fight to better yourself as a man.... i have finally developed that after being given a wake up call. and i would like to say you are one of the toughest men on the planet, and i wish i could go to your first superbrawl fight. anyway, to my questions...

1) i was wondering since you are a black belt in jiu-jitsu, do you follow the traditional format where you promote your students through blue, purple, brown, and black? and do you guys roll with the gi or is it mainly NHB oriented where you primarily do submission grappling?

2) is there any news about you coming back to pride?

3) are you planning to open a gym up in the united states, or is egan's kind of like your rep. in the US?

thanks for taking the time to read this, and good luck on your upcoming fight. im definetly betting on you for the win.

I got this for you Ens..

Students do get promoted the Jiu-Jitsu format..

Enson does roll with Gi and with out right now I would think a little less Gi because he's training N.H.B for his up-coming fight..

I'm pretty sure Enson would say what he usually says "talk to Pride" if the offer and situation is right he's GAME..

PUREBRED GYM's in the U.S I'm pretty sure in the future..

Hope that helped a little.. If theres any errors fill it in Ens..


thanks... hey, i volunteer to have a purebred gym on the east coast, somewhere up in the New York/New Jersey area....but thats just me.

There is a Purebred on GUAM USA

i knew about purebred-guam. but guam is a tad too far for me to go. new jeresy to guam....i dunno bout that one.

hahaha a little too far.


lol.. Guam is far, so far that we are a day ahead..lol