Enson, how is your injury?


I didn't know you had an ab injury until I saw it on MMAweekly. How is it and what exactly happened? Is it serious, does it hurt? What's the scoop bro? Will you have to take time off from wrestling/training?

It was really bad. It happened in a pro wrestling match after I took 2 suplexes in a row. That`s why I've been out of Pro wrestling for the last 2 months. Even my participation in the Jan. show is questionable. However, I'm back in training and will be ready for my comeback fight in Guam on the 10th.

Man, hope you get better soon. It is great news that you are fighting on the 10th. Also, it is cool that your Guam boys can see you fight there. They must be stoked. I would hate to be your opponent on your first fight back. Your fire must be burning to get back in the ring.

if all goes well in Guam Super Brawls in Hawaii is next!

congrats Enson!

Who are you fighting in Guam...?

go get em!

Awesome man!

Heal well bro your a tru warrior i know you will be back on top!!!!



Can't wait to see you in Super Brawl!!!