Enson Inoue & Sparring Chronicles

Enson Inoue admits of knowing nothing about this tape and had no clue he was even on it..hey bobby u dont contact te fighters who u make $$$ off ?

dr. john lee
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hey Enson,
I see your name listed on this DVD on sherdog. have you seen it? is it a good tape? cuz i've bought things before and they list a fighter i want to see, and its like 5 sec. of him on it or some shit.
Is it worth it, to a Enson fan?

Enson Inoue
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Posts: 1330I don't know. I didn't even know I was on that myself.

Good question...

Being a little nit picky arent we.

I would just tend to think that fighter's featured on a DVD would have had to provide clearance for use, and would be aware of it. No/Yes?

I own all the footage I use, plus I have contracts for my entire 300 plus hours of footage. Actually me next documentary is with Enson. See you hopefully on the 25th in Hawaii bro, if you are reading.

Bobby Razak

Enson's part was the best part. Man Melchor got his ears battered in that one.

Cool. Really looking forward to the Enson documentary.

Should be a good film

bobby not sure you read what enson said. he had no clue he was even on the video. he isnt saying you dont own the footage he is saying you never even told him he was on a video you made. that is sad

Enson Inoue Professional Fighter Registered: Dec 2001 Location: Japan Posts: 1330 I don't know. I didn't even know I was on that myself.


Aj, who are you? Sounds to me like you are some hater with a personal grudge coming on under an alias to fuck with this guy. Who are you, the video police? What do you stand to gain from this thread? I think you are using this to get at someone you have a problem with. You sound like a fightsport troll or something..


LOL@attacking AJ. The guy has a legit question. If you're gonna make money off a guy, at least inform him of it. Let's say, for whatever reason, there was a bit of footage that Enson would have preferred not to be used; you're saying there's no reason for him to know that footage of his training has been released and is now bringing in money for the guy who filmed it? I'm not saying Enson would want money or anything, but it's only right to inform him of what's really going on.

seems like a normal question. When I met Bobby, he seemed like a very cool guy, I am sure he can handle it!

Keep up the good work Bobby!

MitsuyoMaeda better yet who are u ? i asked a freakin question thats all..better yet i asked why a guy that is making bank of a fighter doesnt even have the heart to tell the fighter he made a tape w/ him on it- ya know maybe send the fighter a DVD before its even released :)..u call me a troll for asking a question ? who are you the MMA.tv police? im hating on anyone who makes $$ off a fighter but cant even give the fighter a heads up..MitsuyoMaeda something u will never have to run accross

I agree its a legit question, and I agree that Bobby didn't really answer it

lol @ all you enson nut huggers thinking he gives a shit...


I just got finished watching the sparring chronicles, I have to say great work Bobby, by far my favorite part was watching Vanderlei work the mits.


"ensonnut"? Ensenada? It's the Ensonator, Enselama. I don't think any of the "ensonnuthuggers" said that he cared, only that he didn't know about it.