Enson looking ripped

If you guys haven't checked it out, go to this site. It's Enson's Japanese online daily pic. You can see some training pics etc. He is looking ripped in the last few pics. Way to go Enson. Hope training is going well.


He looks ready. What is that first pic of?


Cool pics.

The only thing I can do is to hope Enson will overcome age boundary like Couture.

Is there an english version of the site?


He looks awesome. Like he did against Royce Alger.

This Enson's diary with photos is very interesting.

Enson san ganbatteru!

Enson,is Sangtienoi your friend? Do you train with him when you are in Thailand?

He is like a brother to me. His gym is the only gym I ever trained at in Thailand.

Sometimes I am surprised at your circle of friendship with surprising persons,though I might miss articles of your training in Thailand in days past.

What an excellent striking teacher of you!