Enson set to fight...1 10 04

Good Luck Enson!

Awesome man, good luck. Saw the Guam news article, good stuff.

Enson, you should try to make this fight look exactlly like the first one just for kicks.

Wow! Enson fighting again. That's awesome!

This show is gonna rock were here in Guam and the promoters Rome and Steve are awesome. All the fighters look ready class A show. Enson looks good and ready to destroy somebody.

TTT for Enson "The True Warrior" Inoue

GO Enson!


"The first Enson/Nishida fight was comical, at best. Actually, the best part of the fight was Enson's post-fight rant, in half English and half Japanese, about the incident where he beat up a reporter."

Am I about to correct RYAN G? No way! Enson gave that speech after he won his grappling match with Tuli during Pride 7, lol. But yeah that speech was great.


Oops, mixed up the two Prides. :(

This should be done, anyone hear a result? I tried to call him but no answer.

Yeah, that "anyone who comes to my house" speech was a god damn masterpiece. Enson's picture should be in the dictionary beside the word "badass."

Enson is nice and friendly like a koi but when he, his family, or "family" is pushed or threatened he becomes a dragon.

Wild guess here, ummmm, Enson won his "return" match??

Hey what was up with his fight with Tuli?

enson played with nishida...

he even had a sakuraba guard pass stomp to mount!!!! it was a fast fight with enson beating the shit out of him then made him stand up and then they locked up and enson fell to his guard and choked him ( frnt choke)...

Kato had a good fight with adam lynn of NG though i feel it should have ended with a draw..Lynn picked up the victory..

koka punishes materny..(sp?)

kuipa (sp) miller beats BoB O by knees to the body??.lol

and the rest of the fights were mainly local fights..

rip at the ochai reference

Hell Yeah!!!!

Well Done! Enson Inoue is back!


just a warmup, here comes superbrawl, then ufc or pride!


I believe that Enson has a grudge against Nishida from after their last Pride fight. You should ask him about it on his forum.

It would be great to see Enson fighting again regularly.