Enson set to fight...1 10 04


article from the local paper..
enson looks to have cut lots of weight, i feel sorry for all the light heavy's now...


good for enson!

link did not work for me. :(

The news has been up at Fightsport 24-7 for 3 days. Go there if you cant access the above link.

Nishida challenged him to a rematch hehehe. crush him Enson!

Go Enson!!

TTT for Enson back in the ring!

Weigh ins is today and I just jumped on the scale and I'm at 219lbs. Down 18 lbs. I feel good and ready to go....... I'm back.

Good Luck Enson!!!


go Enson!!!!

Good Luck Enson! It's great to see you back!

I saw the last fight on tape.

Nishida was basically a bully boy Kyokushin fighter who beat his opponents in Karate due to sheer size.

Enson demolished him easily, and I can't see how the result will be any different this time around.

good luck Enson

GO ENSON!!!!!!




LOL!!! Sherdog has this guy listed as a 316 lber with 2 fights and two losses.One to Enson and the other to Giant Ochai. LOL!!! This will not be a "fight" by any means.Here's Nishida getting beat on by Ochai. lol

Hes no john basedow thats for sure

The first Enson/Nishida fight was comical, at best. Actually, the best part of the fight was Enson's post-fight rant, in half English and half Japanese, about the incident where he beat up a reporter.

"Anyone who comes to my house and tries to step all over me, I'll step on them first, and then kick them in the ass!"