Enter the Beast....

Does anyone have an updated Card?

Too early to tell. I'm meeting with Stan tomorrow for a poster hanging campaign. I'll let you know then.


a little update-

Randy Velarde (kotc veteran- Team Bad Intentions/ Millennia) takes on Jody Inglas

Randy normally fights at 165lbs but agreed to fight at 185 lbs for this fight.

Donavon Vrem vs Mike Jorgenson

Donavon is 40 yrs old and making his NHB debut, he's fighting a tough veteran Mike jorgenson at 195 lbs.

John alessio vs TBA


Is there someone I can email concerning this event? I may know someone interested in being on this event.

I will post the full card by Monday!AlexC you can e-mail me at



You have mail from:


I will be doing a seminar while i'm back in Canada, anybody interested get ahold of peterec's martial arts.

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Hey Chris call me when you got a chance!!!

I am down with the seminar John. Please god let it be on a weekend.

Details of the seminar will be released soon!

If weekend helps you out than i'll try for the weekend


Thanks, John


ttt for the Johns