Enter the Breast results?

Could somebody please post complete, offical results from Enter the Beast. What I know so far:

-Ulysses Castro d. Dan Severn via Submission from Strikes in RD 3

-John ALessio d. Brandon Olsen via Armbar in RD 1

-Shannont Ritch d. Chris Peak via heel Hook in RD 1

-Ginelle Marquez d. Keri Crothers via Keylock

Was Pamela anderson in that event.


Paul Beauieu defeated Bill Lawson JD (Muay ThaiMatch)
Baz Cunningham Defeated Ben Green 3rd Rd choke (ithink?)
Donavan Vrem defeated Michael Jorgensen via Leg Submission(round ?)
Randy Velarde defetaed Jody Ingalls doc stoppage(knee injury) (rd 2?)

I thought this was a spin-off thread ... how disappointing!

wtf, pics!?!?