EPIC fan letter to Meltzer re: Fedor/Henderson

Via his Wrestling Observer site. Behold the the views of the "expert on violence" Stanley Joseph aka Stan Pain! And, yes, the guy really did want his phone number published.

Hey, check it out, I'm sorry if I come across as a jag, and Dave, you did print my writings to you before, but with a statement saying that I probably was joking around and continued with your comments added in - which is why I have refrained from commenting for quite some time now, but today, I couldn't take it anymore.

Dave, I respect you and your work more than anyone else, and believe me, I can prove it.

Long story short, Fedor vs Hendo was the biggest and most obvious double-cross in the history of combat sports.

The first round win by Dan Henderson over Fedor Emelianenko was a disgrace, and has cemented my view of Zuffa, Dana White, and the entire contingency and fan base thar supports that operation.

In my younger years I had done quite a bit of streetfighting - for the love of it. Being a short kid (and later, a short man) a felt this need to " be the baddest " or whatever. I think they call it Napoleanic Syndrome, but I digress. As such, I was a part of a group of kids who learned ever martial art as possible and combined them all and practiced as a group and had competitions in what would today be considered a " backyard fed, " but back in the mid 1980's, we were some sort of a problem to the community, because we did what we aimed to do, and get this, each of us had a signed waiver/disclaimer, so no one could be sued. Yes, I thought of all this and had a violent federation going on with a lot of support and had riled the community up. Later, in High School, I had done research papers on violence and was very supportive of it - but like I told the people at CNN and Fox News (when discussing the enormous amount of violence in Chicago) that I want it to be controlled. I do not want kids fighting just for the sake of it, but I do want it controlled, monitored, and resolved efficiently, and as a stepfather in a Northwest Side of Chicago community, I have contributed to breaking up more fights than I had ever dreamed I would have.

My point is that I am a well known " expert " on violence. I have coached quite a few people in submissions and have coached quite a few kids as well, so I know what I'm doing and I know what I'm seeing. Having been in the wrestling business (but never having made it) for 20 years now (my first match was on July 17th of 1991, and I opened that show with the second match being the first ever match for the guys who would go on to train CM Punk, Danny Dominion and Ace Steel), I know the difference between " work " and " shoot. "

The whole deal is this, Fedor was not anywhere near losing that fight. I'm not trying to take away from Henderson, whom I applaude and have been a supporter of, but come on, that fight was simply the modern ( and MMA ) version of the " Montreal Screwjob. " This is a terrible black eye on a sport that has been - in the view of many who used to support and follow UFC - a ruination of the business by Zuffa.

Perhaps Fedor was done, but at the time Herb Dean (the referee) stopped that fight, NO WAY in " heck " was Fedor close to being finished. That fight had some more rounds to go and what happened was robbery pure and simple. Take it from someone who's been hit way harder than that, and made to look way uglier than the bad eye that Fedor suffered - this night was ridiculous. It may signal a Dark Age for MMA, and one which may result in people wondering if the popularity of the sport was a fad.

Stanley Joseph (Stan Pain)
Chicago, IL
(773) 572 - 7799

PS - If you were to print this in the feedback section, do leave the number, as I'd like to get people's opinions. Thank you for your time

You should be embarrassed to even relay this message.

"Fedor was not anywhere near losing that fight."


And this guy's bullshit stories about how tough he was on the street are irrelevant.

Who are you to doubt Stan Pain???

 i wouldnt have left my #

Tha fuck??? Phone Post

epwar - Who are you to doubt Stan Pain???

lol I missed that.

Total moron. Blinded by the Fedor's nut nectar. Phone Post

 someone phone him with the Dan Quinn sound board.

Pizzeria Nova Uno - Tha fuck??? Phone Post

My thoughts exactly Phone Post

The amount of fail in that letter is unbearable. It's obvious he is not lying about all the fights he has been in because clearly that man was hit in the head quite often. Phone Post

Jampage Rackson -  Total moron. Blinded by the Fedor's nut nectar. Phone Post

 Legit LOL!


They should make a documentary on him...

Streetfighting:  For the Love of the Game

Jampage Rackson -  Total moron. Blinded by the Fedor's nut nectar. Phone Post

 LOL @ nut nectar

this loser fails to realise that what Herb Dean does has nothing to do with Zuffa

Hey just what we need! Another Fedor fan who just happens to be an expert on knock outs! -_- Phone Post

I had a good laugh when he said he got hit harder than that

If by epic you mean embarrassingly retarded then yeah you're spot on. LOL at "no way in heck" was he close to being finished and 20 years in pro wrestling and still haven't made it.

That fight should not have been stopped. Look at Kongo vs. Barry..... The ref's job is to know what is going on in the fight. Herb new that there was less than a minute left in the fight & should have given Fedor more time to regain his composure. If the beating continued for 30 more seconds stop the fight, or else his corner would have stopped it between rounds if Fedor was really done.

The guy that wrote that letter is cracked.

I seriously wonder if half the fans like this guy even understand what they are watching.

I suspect not, the majority of the time.

That guy sounds like one of BSL's nutriders.

Look at these nuts, trying to blame Fedor losing on Zuffa and specifically Dana White.

Seriously delusional.

The Worst Case scenario was just an early stoppage by Herb Dean.

They are blaming it on Zuffa and Dana White?

Major facepalm.

This sport has the biggest bunch of fucktard conspiricists that call themselves fans out of any major sport out there.
And to a TEE, the majority of them are all former Pro Wrestling Fans.