Epic photos from combat sports thread.

I'm sorry I'm on my app and not adding pictures to this thread with the first post, but I feel my UG brothers will add MUCH value to this thread, and I will as well in days to come.

I know there are threads of epic MMA history photos... But what if we could do one that includes the best, most iconic, and most EPIC photos from MMA, boxing, wrestling, Bjj, kickboxing, Muay Thai, judo, sambo, etc. I think that would be AWESOME, inspirational, and add even more gratitude for the great combat sports we all love.

I'm making a vision board, and vision book, with MMA and life goals, and I'll include pictures from this thread that I'll include in this book that I'll travel with to fights and use to help visualize victory, motivate, and hopefully help achieve my goals.

Some quick that come to mind:
-Alexander Karelin's neck veins popping out on a big throw.
-Sakuraba vs. Gracie
-Ali standing over his opponent
-The HUGE belly to belly 5 point throw/suplex from the German vs HUGE heavyweight from the USA (Chris?) in the 60's or 70's Olympics
-Championship belts, or sports quotes, or quotes from iconic champions/coaches from the sports.
-Whatever you think is freaking EPIC.

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There's the pic of consist bloody face and him biting down on his mouthpiece I think from between rounds 4-5 of the GSP fight.

Isn't there a pic of Martin Kampmann with him screaming and a blood drop falling? Phone Post 3.0

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My two fav pics of all Time. ( no disrespect in this one, big Cung Le fan)

Cung le's battered and bloodied face after the Bisping fight. He's wincing with one eye closed. It's black and white with the red being the only colour.

After the Aldo/TKZ fight, TKZ in a sling and they are bowing to each other touching their foreheads together. Phone Post 3.0


Lol EKPOGI has missed the pint entirely :D Phone Post 3.0