Equipment for Kali?

I've just begun to train Kali. My instructor is certified under the Atienza (sp?) system and Guru Dan Inosanto. Does anyone know where to get some heavy sticks that are of quality make? I have a set of the lighter sticks, but I borrowed a friends heavier ones and found them much more to my liking. Thanks for your help.


This is C.J. from Tiger, do I know you? If I do, get my number from Stevie or give me your email or something and I'll give you some ideas where to look. Overall though, I do agree with lerdrit; K.I.L. has some of the best sticks for a good price. Go to




i'd also recommed nick's site for sticks. if your looking for a good soft
stick smak stiks are good but i like actionflex better.


Kamagong is heavy one, but Im going to tape mine up to stop splinters

Woof All:

We offer various models of rattan sticks, staffs, walking sticks, hardwood sticks and flex sticks.


Concerning the flex sticks, we carry "Actionflex", not Smak Stiks. We had problems with nasty little studs projecting out of the handles of the SS. The Actionflex we carry are not the new model with the grip of the handle being made out of some synthetic material. When we told Actionflex we preferred the prior grip which is made out of some natural material (cotton based?) they graciously agreed to keep supplying us with it. Also to be noted is that in the last couple of months Actionflex has stiffened its sticks. We no longer carry the original stick, but now carry the two new firmer levels of stiffness.


What's up? It's me Maryska. I'll get your number from Stevie. I just got the sticks from bloodsport. Thanks for the help.

Most valuable piece of equipment for training FMA: a groin cup.