equipment for sale (cheap)

PUNCHING BAG - 100-150 lbs (not sure which) heavy bag with soft padding, $35

THAI STYLE KICK PADS - from thailand, red, very good condition (have buckles not velcro) $20

FOCUS MITTS - Two pair, 1) quality ringside 2) cheap version: $10 ringside, $5 other

CHEST RIB PROTECTOR - Tae Kwon Do style, but pretty thick, two of them, padded (never used) $10 ea.

If interested, email:

where do you live?


Glendale, CA

Cool *fixes sniper scope* ;)

I'm only an hour and a half away from you. How much to ship the chest protectors and thai pads to Santa Barbara??

$25 for the kick pads.

Eat that Floppy!

roachyroach, I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago, I live near you and can come buy and pick some stuff up if that works for you.

Floppy Divac, I go through Santa Barbara 2-4 times a month, maybe I could help you out on the shipping and drop some stuff off for you my next time through, probably in the next week or so.

lol, CW YOU BASTARD!!! This isn't ebay!!! :)

"lol, CW YOU BASTARD!!! This isn't ebay!!! :)"

Hey, this is a feed the roach sale. It's philanthropy...

NOTE! All the stuff is sold, except the cheaper focus mitts.

I swear everything got bought up within 15 min of my post, I've gotten like 25 emails and I'm having trouble keeping track of who I got back to and who I haven't. So if you haven't heard back, then unless you want the cheaper focus mitts you're out of luck. Sorry.

roach, I was kidding. I know how it works. :)