Eric Reynolds vs. Eddie Alvarez Bellator 4

Everyone is against him lets hope he pulls off the upset. I have never seen someone train so hard. I belive he is ready.

Eric can win! We know it!


He can?

Eric you did a great job and have a great future in front of you. You fought a Top 10 155er so give yourself a pat on the back.

Let me take it even farther! I never EVER thought you had a chance as Eddie is not only top 10 maybe even top 5 or 3 and YOU did a hell of a good job. I was very very impressed and yes you can and will go far.

Avarez wins this whole thing now. Without Masvidal in there its a cake walk. Belator must be pissed Masvidal lost!! Good job though, Eric. Keep hitting that ground game and I'm sure you'll keep getting better.

 Eric vs Masdival IMO!

They said they want Eric to fight Masividal in June fyi.

He is doing great and will get better.


I am a fan of Eric but I dont like the style match up VS Masvidal for Eric. I think he should pass on that fight.

Great job hanging with one of the worlds best!!!