Escaping hammerlock?

I was training gi with a big wrestler today and I had him in my guard. He trapped my right arm using his left hand and shoved it behind my back. He passed my right arm to his right hand and tried cranking it. I just remained flat on my back so he could lift my arm up my back.

Some of the higher belt guys showed me a way out by using my left hand to attack his neck using his collar. Worked well but I was wondering if there was any other way out?



What about lifting him off you with your foot in his belt or between you? Or getting your feet in his hips and pushing him straight back.

The feet on the hips works combined with using your free arms to help straighen out your trapped arm (credit to CBrennan).

Bolo also suggested to do omoplata. For example if he is using his left hand and trying to shove your right arm behind your back, he said to push the guy on the left side of his face, make space and attack his left arm. This works and I pulled it off today. Bolo said the this can work also if your opponent manages to pass your right arm to his right hand. I couldn't pull the omoplata off from here so I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks for the response.

Where are my forum wisemen: Jonpall, Andrew and especially Stephan (omoplata expert). Your input is greatly appreciated.


The omo plata is good.

Once he has passed it to his other hand, it gets a lot harder, so you want to focus on preventing that.

Let's say he uses his left hand to pin down your right hand, but he has not yet passed it to his right hand. You need to make it difficult for him to pass it to his right hand.

Put your right foot on his hip or on the mat, turn on your right side, and keep your right arm where it is as you scoot your hips out to your left. This will give you time to break his grip. At this point, you can possibly put your right shin in his left bicep, which will help you break the grip and possibly set up for a triangle or other things.

With the gi you can take your free hand (your left) and control his cross arm (his left) by gripping the sleeve at the wrist.  If you have your guard closed this creates a stalemate - it is very difficult for him to pass your guard without being able to use his free arm to push your legs.

Thanks Andrew/Stephen, lots of things to try now :)