Escaping headlock

Somehow when I mount or side mount the guy I'm grappling w/he'll get a headlock on me. I was wondering what are the easiest escapes for this? How would you do it w/hands gripped together and w/o hands gripped together?

Usually you can just walk your legs around to north south and do a kimura or armbar on the arm that's around your head.

If he is really holding tight, you can put your shoulder against the near side of his jaw and put your weight on it as you walk to north south and he will usually let go.

If this still doesn't work, do the same thing but also optionally poke your chin into his ribs.

Grab his shoulder and wedge your forearm under his chin and across his windpipe/neck. Drive your elbow down to the mat until he has to break his grip to relieve the pressure.

very good recommendations...^^