Escaping the body triangle

I've gotten caught with this the last few times I rolled and found rather frustrating to break out of it. I googled it and found this thread that has a few ideas that I'll try out

Any other tips for getting out of it?

This one is for when someone is using the body triangle as a guard, not back mount. Lets assume that the opponent has his left leg across your back and is using his right leg to secure/clasp the left ankle. Grab the right foot or ankle and push forward like if you were trying to make him touch his ass with that right heel. Then bring that foot into your body and tuck it between your legs like if he had a butterfly hook on you with his right leg. At this point his left leg is around your back and locked behind his right knee but his right leg is through your legs like a single butterfly hook. Use your hips to apply forward pressure making his right heel touch his ass. Having his left leg wedged behind the right knee is going to cause a nasty calf splicer. At worst, he'll give up the triangle.


You know the typical ankle break from back mount if they cross their ankles? you can do a similar move by stepping over and pulling down on the 'top' leg..if his right leg is across your body, cover the left ankle and pull down with your feet...SPROUT
P.S. not very clear because i'm fucking tired...

Fryklund could have used that info against Ivan...

thanks for the info I'll try them out tomorrow in class

The UFC or another organazation would be smart to ban flipping over when someone is on your back like that. He would have broken his neck for sure had he not tucked his chin to his chest.

OneRoundBrown has a good method there.

I understand what you have to do, but doesn't that ultimately tighten up the body triangle a lot?

"doesn't that ultimately tighten up the body triangle a lot?"

Thats what I was thinking but maybe stepping on the ankle or foot would aggravate them enough to let it go and switch back to hooks in which is easier to escape?

if you're refering to my post cyklops..then yes it does tighten it..right into an ankle lock...they fight for the choke you fight for the ankle...i get it more often than not, and if you let go, they will typically release the body triangle on their own accord...SPROUT

any more ideas?

Holy Human Pez Dispensors Batman.
glad the dude in that gif tucked his chin in time.

Roll to the side where his foot is under his knee, then put all you weight on his ankle/foot. Hurts like hell. You will need to leave enough room for him to pull it out though.

I tried them out tonight and the rolling to the ankle side foot lock thingy works pretty good. Either the foot pops out or they tap from the pain.


You're welcome