Escondido, CA

Is there anywhere to train near Escondido CA that has an open mat policy for visitors. I went there a couple of weeks ago and visited a school that didn't allow me to train. It was dissapointing but that's fine. I visit friends in the area a couple times a year and would like to roll when down there.

team quest is north of there in murietta

I am sure there is something in Carlsbad, but depending on how far south you want to drive there are a ton of schools south in San Diego.

Yeah I've been to a couple of schools in San Diego have had great experiences but I'm visiting friends in Valley center which is about 45 minutes north and I don't want to drive more than 20-30 minutes.


Ive never quite understood the "open mat policy for visitors" thing. I can understand if the visitor is seriously considering joining the school but someone visiting from somewhere else should not be given a freebie IMO. The schools are a business and should be treated as such. I think it would be better business to charge a small fee to the visitor (like $5)...McDonalds doesnt give out free lunches to visiting travelers. Anyone who has trained and been around a few schools knows there are far too many people out there looking to train for free. Dont take this personal BJJER, I'm not directing this at you, I've just see a lot of people abuse freebies. Like show up at a school and totally sandbag their experiance level and get on the mat with beginners and proceed to go TUF on them. OR think that because they have 1 or 2 fights under their belt, that they should be be treated like Gods and not have to pay. Again this IS NOT an attack on you BJJER....just ruffled my feathers thats all

Definitely check out TQ South. Easy access to highway 15 and great training...

It was a Carlson Gracie school in San Marcos.

I understand the issue of liablity and moochers but if a person is honest and tells you where they train, rank and how long, I think it should be fine. The thing is though that an open mat does not necessarily mean a free mat. I've paid up to $20 to train at some places just for one class and some rolling after class. Teaching is a business and people need to eat.

I'm just looking for a place to visit once or twice a year when visiting friends in Valley Center. Next time I'll probably go to Team Quest as I just remember that Magahles teaches BJJ there. Otherwise I'll probably call Barra Oceanside and see if they have an open policy.

I'll look it up.