ESPN Card Pacing? The Real Question.

Saturday night we will finally see a Prelim card on ESPN and a main card on ESPN+.

Any word in advance of expected length of the main card broadcast on ESPN+ bell to bell?

Will the main event begin around midnight like a ppv or Fight pass or 1am like FS1?

I suppose we won't really know how ESPN (proper) will pace main cards till next month's debut headlined by Cain v Ngannou, this Saturday's feature Prelims  look to be the same as on FS1, same start/end times and number of fights .

Great question.   With a 6 fight Main card slated to start at 10pm, I can't imagine the fights being over before 1, assuming they have commercials and a specified airtime.  I don't know exactly, but streaming services shouldn't typically have the same commerical times and all that.  When I've worked with fight pass in the past, they always went quicker then televised shows.  

I'm sure it is going to be a learning process for the service, though, and I hope that they change the start times to reflect east coast viewers as opposed to west coast viewers. 

UFC is pretty set in their one fight every half hour on tv plan. Doesn’t matter the platform. I’m assuming that won’t change on ESPN.

I am so glad I live on the west coast. I couldn’t image waiting until fucking midnight. Ridiculous. 

Its like Monday night football at 9pm for the east coast. I get home from work at 5:30, shower and boom!  6pm football.