ESPN feature on Court McGee

Im at work and been seeing Court on sports center all morning on the bar tv but my shit luck theres no closed captioning.. can anybody fill me with the gist of wat it was about.. it was titled something about "an MMA fighters toughest battle" or something along those lines, so i figured it was about his prior methamphedamine addiction but wasnt sure.. anybody help me out? Phone Post

Pretty much on point. They interview his mom and all, give a little bit of background on why he became addicted to painkillers (something about 9 surgeries when he was in high school !), and how he battled drugs and alcohol and turned his addictive personality into something popular (mma obviously). Was a really good documentary on him. Definitely much more of a court McGee supporter now! Phone Post

Nice.. thanks alot brotha Phone Post

 Really went in depth into his battles with addiction.  We all knew the basic outline of his past struggles but this piece went in depth and was phenomenal.  I definitely recommend checking it out with sound.