Essence of judo video....

has this been posted on the forum yet.....

Yes, it has been posted on this forum. But thanks anyway.

actually, the one that was posted here was only 30 min long. this one is over an hour.

Copie & paste the URL on this site

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clef de bras

heh. kind of funny seeing my rip make all the way here.

the one that was posted before was Mifune - 10th Dan and this is Essence of Judo. alot of the same footage but this one is newer and longer.

well in any case the movie is AWESOME... especially when mifune does some light randori with his students and he flows through them effortlessly... blocking their throws by swinging his body in diffirent directions... awesome...


Wow!!! Excellent video!

It certainly dispells alot of myths about old-school Judo.

I mean if Mifune is a representation the type of techniques and training a typical Judo student received in his era than Judoka received more than just throws. His brand of Judo (and I am talking about all he showed: from the throws, to the groundfighting, to the self-defense and striking) is very Jiujitsu-like.

Did you see his ground technique? Alot of it is in his book "Canon of Judo" but to actually see him perform them gives you greater appreciation for it. And he wasn't doing just offensive moves but escapes and combinations.

Also Mifune lineage goes directly to Kano and Kano's top student Sakujiro Yokoyama so his newaza technique is pre-kosen Judo.

Another thing I was impress with was the atemi demostration. Usually in Judo atemi or strikes are demostrated via kata. BUT Mifune wasn't doing kata when he demostrated strikes and kicks. He was demostrating strikes and kicks that he would use in a live situation.

Did you how he delt with the jab? He slipped it like a boxer followed it with a uppercut and finished the opponent with a kata-ha jime (chicken wing) choke from behind. Pretty contemporary.


Is there anyway to download this video to a dvd?

i think its still up on demonoid.