Eu falo so um pouco de portugues

I have just begun to learn some portuguese but none of the courses have words or phrases that i can use or practice with my Jiu Jitsu.
I would realy appreciate it if someone could help me out with portuguese words and phrases for training and jiu jitsu.
What do you call arm bars, leg bars, chokes and submissions? How do you say, "let's train", "try harder", "training is finnished today", stuff like that?

Any help appreciated, Bernie J, Melbourne Australia.

I´ll give a few, I`m sure other people have links to answer you.

arm bar - chave de braço
leg bar - chave de perna
choke - estrangulamento
submission - finalização
let´s train - vamos rolar
try harder - tente novamente
training is finnished today - a aula acabou (e realmente nunca prestei atenção a como o professor falava isso)

obrigado DonnaTroy,
muito bem.

Preciso de protugues palavras para...

It's time to warm up...
It's time to cool down/stretch...
Do the attack like this...
Do the defence like this...
Have a break for some water...

again, if there are any other commonly used phrases in the dojo I would love to learn them.

to MarsMan and Donna Troy, thank you, I have a notice board up at our school so that students can learn some basic language in portuguese. Perhaps it will be useful for them if they make a trip to Brazil. Otherwise it is good fun. The words you have given me have been very helpful so far.
Although my own Portuguese is very basic at this stage, I can work out the meaning of some sentences, i'm not able to put sentences together yet.

Bernie J

It's time to warm up... - É hora de aquecer.

It's time to cool down/stretch... - É hora de relaxar/alongar.

Do the attack like this... - Ataque assim.

Do the defence like this... - Defenda assim.

Have a break for some water... - Podem beber água.


when you can, go and ask Brownie what words i taught him last year in Rio! hopefully he still rememebers them.

(i don't think i can type them here) ;)


Bom dia Hodgeny,
Eu posso fazer o perguntar hoje a noite.


mas, por que ta aprendando a lingua? seu esposa vai te dar permissao que vai?

vcs sao bem nerds

nerds? cdf?