Evan Shoman's Latest Drawing!

MMA Fans! Latest Drawing of Rick "Notorious" Slaton

Hope you guys like it. His tatts were a sonofabitch to do. So basically the whole thing was a pain in my ass. I wouldn't speak to Rick throughout either. Anyway, he is finished and now we can be boys again. Hope you all like it as much as I do.




Is it bad when an artist's recreation of the tattoos are better than the actual tattoos themselves? LOL.

Evan does awesome work!

great work

Rick Slaton is the stuff nightmares are made of.

evan, that's an amazing rendition of rick... wow!!

remember this?

IFL Event @ The LA Forum
- NapkinNights.com - Mixed Martial Arts Nightlife

"Rick Slaton is the stuff nightmares are made of."

Fabes is correct! Slaton is a scary man!

TTT for Slaton! He is fighting here in San Diego on July 13th at the 4th and B! Also has awesome shirts out!




Rick Slaton is a riot.


People change bro. Rick is a good guy and his friends support him.


I read about how they support him.


"It's sad that a POS biker trashbag gets glorified so much around here."

Yeah lets hate on a great, extremely nice guy, just because he has a history that he got away from. When a guy makes a mistake and tries to change and better his life, lets not give him credit for that and praise him for changing! Lets keep him down! Dumbass.

Seamus is correct.