Evan Tanner at Gladiator 2 - 4 man tournament 1998

  In April 1998 Tanner competed in the Gladiators 2, 4 man tournament

Evan Tanner vs Wade Kroeze -  Gladiators 2  (4/18/98)   semi final 

Evan Tanner vs Dennis Reed -  Gladiators 2  (4/18/98)   Final 


Evan Tanner interview (before UFC 36)


 proud to say Monte and I promoted that.  With some of the most expensive ring doctors of the time (in case monte reads this).


Subbed Phone Post


dennis reed is still fighting, i just fought him may 7th. threw me to the ground so fast, i didnt know where i was, lol.

and to think evan was self taught for the most part back then.