Evan Tanner is heading to the desert to...



Song almost brought tears to my eyes. Makes me think about the societal concept of freedom, and how and what we surrender along the way.


Eddie Vedder nailed it with this song.



Wow, all his past threads are haunting

I've read a lot about survival (not the techniques of how, but the stories from survivors) and they all say the most important aspect of coming through a possibly deadly situation is realizing that you could die.

The sooner you realize this, the better you can take extreme action to prevent it. If you don't realize it, you act as if everything is normal, because you don't want to appear insane.

You'll hear stories of people in burning buildings who died because they didn't want to run out and look like an idiot if it ended up being a piece of toast in the break room.

Or that rock climber who cut his own arm off. That was the correct thing to do, but at what point do you make that dicision. If he had cut his arm off after a few hours trapped, people would probably say he was nuts. If he died with a knife in his pocket, people would have said he had a chance to make it out if he could have gone that extra step.

If I had to guess, I'd say that what happened with Evan. You break down or run out of gas and it is extremely hot, but you figure you can walk a few miles. I think most people would have felt they could make it. Then you suddenly pass out and it's too late.

If you think about it, you have probably had many possibly deadly situations in your life that you made it through, and (at least for me) I made it through most by luck. It is rare that you actually stop and think "I could die here".

shame. has the cause of death been discovered yet? if he had some minimal gps satelite com device he probably could have been rescued

GenericAmerican is very correct.

I've nearly died several times in my adventures in the national parks.

It's an unsettling feeling when you realize the kind of danger you put yourself in.

I can't imagine what was going through Tanners mind when his bike ran out of gas and the oppressive heat started to take affect.

My uncle that lives in Alaska will often go on multiple week "adventures" into the wild, where he will have literally no way to contact anyone if he were to have an emergency. He'll go out and get dropped off by helicopter, coordinate a meeting point and time, and will just go live off the land for a few weeks with complete reliance on his equipment and survival skills. However, his situation is the opposite of Tanner's where he has to deal with the cold, as opposed to the heat.

Evan Tanner reminded me of my uncle. I have always admired my uncle, and the same can be said for Evan Tanner.

From when we are born, we're told what to do.

How many people here when they were young were told that "normal people" go to school, grow up, become an adult, have a career, make lots of money, marry a woman, have several kids, retire, and then sit back and enjoy life?

I've changed it up a bit. Went to school, grew up, became an adult, and now I enjoy life everyday.


wonder if going in winter is safer?