Evans Weigh-Ins scuffle was just

hype now it makes you want to watch the fighter even more.

One thing about Evans is he is always underestimated just like on TUF, yet he always seems to WIN, is it boring? Maybe sometimes, however you get in the ring against the guys he has beaten and see if you have a different strategy or even win? Evans always to this day has backed up whatever he said he would do and has yet to lose an MMA Match.

I like Evans and think he is good for the sport. If he wins tonight he should get the next Title Shot!

totally agree with ya mike. all execpt the title shot. IMO he should have to get through the likes of tito or babalu, a legit top UFC fighter. outside of that, you are correct.

Rashad is great. The only bad thing about Rashad winning is having to see his wife on camera.

agreed ^^

ttt for answers for steed

Cityboy - Seems to know more then me? I do not know exactly what was said, however when they were face to face at the weigh-ins something was said and then Dana had to step in to break it up?

That kick was great! Reminded me of Pete Williams in overtime round against coleman, WOW!

TTT for a Title Shot. 18-0 pretty immpressive!