Even more of a reason to cheer for Conor Huen

Dude is a scrapper, hopefully he get get a bonus. sounds like he needs it.<br /><br />"Realistically if he is going to beat me it's going to be a God damn war. I'm gonna go balls to the wall and I'm going to do everything in my power to smash him. If I lose the decision to him but I get a check for #0,000 dollars well, that will lighten the load a little bit. Hopefully they keep me around and I get the FOTN bonus or KO bonus or Sub bonus. That's what I'm shooting for, just knowing that going out there and fighting my heart out might get rewarded makes things easier. I fought Gurgel and I got 4,000 for that fight and I needed my ACL reconstructed after that. Now I'm over 20,000 in debt because of that. The fight insurance only covered 50k and for some reason that wasn't enough. I should have negotiated with the hospital, but I assumed that was enough. You know, OK I have insurance it should be covered, but it wasn't. In fact it put me in such a hole that I recently had to claim bankruptcy."<br /><br />from an interview with middleeasy


he even talks about the ug in it ha