Ever been attacked while rolling?


I was rolling with a female once, and her 3 yr old daughter came behind me screaming and hitting me.

i was working one-on-one with a student, and "winning" when my girlfriend came up behind me and slipped on the rear naked choke.

good thing I've been working my "rear naked choke counter to bellybutton-blow" combination :-)


I wasn't rolling, but it's a funny story anyway...
I was at a seminar my instructor was giving, and we went to a fast food place (subway) for an hour and a half lunch. Naturally, we had some time to kill when we got back. Looking for something to do, I saw one of the kids from that school and decided to roll with him. I motioned with my hand and said, "come here" He didn't want to at first, but his little kid friends were urging him to, and so were the people I was with. Finally, as one of my friends was holding me in a rear naked choke (I was sitting) The five year old ran at me and- BAM- flying knee right on the bridge of my nose. If he weighed more than thirty five pounds he would have broken it.

OWN3D!! lol