Everyone Had Better Read This!!!!!


Thankyou so much. I asked a favor of you a few months back. It was for an autographed pic for a buddy of mine in Iraq. I'll honestly say for about two weeksago I thought the picture was lost in the mail or you didn't even make them. That was what was turnning into a heartbreaker for me. Any way I just walked into the house to find the package outside. Not only did you keep your word(wich is so rare in most people today, and why I respect you so much as a fighter and as a person) but you also made a picture out to me.

It's hard to figureout the right words in this message, but I know Chris is going to be so amped when he comes home and sees this stuff. I even had a buddy who was saying that the pictures were never going to happen. Those who raised you did a good job in makeing an honerable man. Like I said before that's rare in today's socity even in professions were it used to be the standard.

Anyway thankyou again so much. You or your brother need to have a space for me too at your schools, because when I graduate the spring Uncle Sam is going to have a hell of a time stoppig me from being stationed near the PUREBRED or GU.

Later Bro


ps anyone who want's the original message, checkout the old threads

Actually, I feel like I owe you an appology for taking so long to send it out. Between losing addresses, procrastination, and unorganization.... sometimes these things slip my mind. Glad you finally got them.