Everything HAMMER. Todd vs. Larratt

The serpent goes to the woman first.

You got a timestamp where he says that quote?

14 minutes.

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Rebecca Todd is nothing without Michael, she’s going to make him take the vaccine if she thinks it’ll make him 1% safer.

Big weekend for arm wrestling, a couple of events in Canada plus the big matchup between the GOAT John Brzenk and Chance Shaw. Chance is a rising star but I think John still takes this.


Btw, I see Devon Larratt all the time in his Armbet wrapped car as his kid trains at my BJJ club. I’ve only talked to him once briefly, very nice guy but I try to leave him and his family alone rather than fanboy him every time I see him lol.

If the match between Devon and Levan happens this year, it may go down as the biggest match in arm wrestling history.


Can’t wait. Arm wrestling has been more entertaining in the last few months than any other sport.


Is Chance Shaw any relation to John Shaw?

I don’t believe so. I recall this being asked on one of the Youtube live streams and Chance said no.

His roommate and training partner Kyle Depew is Dave Depew’s son though.

Go ask him if he’s willing to do a Q&A for an MMA Community. I’m sure he’d be more than willing.
I’m sure we probably got a dozen armbets newbies here just from this thread.
PM me if you want, I can coordinate here, or over at TheMMACommunity.com.
That approach is the winner; right now, sport cross-promotion is…“essential”
Also, thx for the update on upcoming matches.

On the lake w/Matt Mask:

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@onepunchJD just started doing some of the exercises you mentioned in this thread earlier, then the gyms closed. Hooked up with a local arm wrestler in my city who has a gym but it’s set up just for arm wrestling, haven’t lost a match to anyone in years but none are arm wrestlers, mostly security, cops or trades, some twice my size, well today I got my ass kicked and he didnt have to even try that hard lol, different animal going against a pro heavyweight that does compete at superheavyweight. But what a good time, we pulled for 2.5 hours, gonna feel it tomorrow for sure. think he is ranked 4 in Ontario or something, he has pulled Devon and Mask, said Mask had a stronger hand than Devon, he almost pinned Devon once. Going with him to his club practice next. Fun times


Marcio or go fuck your mother.

That’s great man!

The more you pull with better and different guys the better you will get.
The lifting is a supplement and helps with overall strength. But nothing beats table time.

Are you better with an inside move or an outside move?
Did you work on both?
Did you pull with both arms?

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Good stuff. Fyi, Devon lets EVERYBODY get into a good position in practice and he spends much of the time defending and fighting it off. Some guys get a false sense of security but the pros all know. Devon destroyed Matt Mask in the WAL Power lifter Brandon Allen posted a video of him pinning Devon in practice but acknowledged that he would have zero chance in real competition.

The guy you pulled is it Porkchop, Evan Bourgoin or BLM? Those are the other heavy hitters in Ontario that I’m aware of.

I’m more inside, but he is way taller and longer than me 6’5 and around 245 in 5’8 and 210. His name is Ray Belmore, hasn’t been on the scene for a long time like the others but he is damn good

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Also did a bit of everything, both arms, never even tried my left before but apparently he said it’s almost as good and maybe better, who knew


I’d venture to guess that you’re seemingly better with your left arm because of basic understanding. With your strong hand you inherently rely more on strength rather than technique.

The most important lesson @onepunchJD taught me was strength of technique. Practical application.

With your ‘weak’ arm, you subconsciously found strength in technique.

I’m not into arm wrestling at all really, but that dude’s delivery was enjoyable as all hell.

Mike Tyson said everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
A smart hand > strong arm.

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Lmao!! Beast of the beasts. That was awesome.

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