Evolved Fighting 03-03: results??

Does anyone have the results of this amateur MT event in Philadelphia? Please post....

Winner (split decision) Gary Gross/Diamond MMA defeated Jamott Anderson Boston Muay Thai Academy
Winner (unanimous decision) Colin Dwyer Boston Muay Thai defeated Jackson Galka Philly MMA/Cool Heart
Winner (unanimous decision) Ray Delrosario Body Arts Gym, Phila, PA defeated John Lewison/Diamond MMA
Winner (TKO) Lukemire/Yamasaki Academy, MD defeated Charlie Weissman Evolution Muay Thai NYC
Winner (Unanimous Decision) Chris Price/Body Arts Gym, Phila, PA defeated John Clipengale/Yamasaki Academy, MD

Winner (TKO) Dave Carter/Nova Martial Arts, MD defeated Damon Stead/ Body Arts Gym, Phila PA
Winner (split decision)Matt Makowski/Philly MMA/Cool Heart defeated Mike Pennini/Boston Muay Thai Academy
Draw Adam McCann/Body Arts Gym, Phila, PA draw Colin Tebo/Wai Kru Muay Thai Boston
Winner (split decision)Vivek Narcami/Nova Martial Arts, MD defeated Justin Grieciwitz/Philly MMA /Cool Heart
Cancelled Fights
Rich Colazzo(injured) versus Nick Rusco/KPoz Muay Thai, NJ
Daniel Smith(sick) versus Mike Gill/ Body Arts Gym, Phila, PA

Was there anyother events on the east coast that weekend?