Excellent interview with Tommy Rojas

 Hear what he has to say about being Rampage & Bobby Southworth`s manager & his time with Dana (before Zuffa purchased it from SEG)


Mike, Thanks.

Bob, Had fun going back in time.

As you guys both said there are things I've been lucky to have experienced in and around MMA that others would like to hear about, so hear we go.

 No problem Tommy.I found the interview very informative & interesting.

thanks for the pix too

call me and we'll make our predictions

 I`m buying the PPV & having a BB-Q with friends over if you would like to stop by.

Thanks for posting the link, Crowbar. I only knew a little bit about Rojas before the show but I was very surprised at how many interesting stories he had.

If you haven't heard Tommy talking about his days managing Quinton Jackson, Shonie Carter and Bobby Southworth (including setting up Southworth's match with Vitor in Pride) and many others. He talks about Quinton being arrested at the airport before his first fight in Pride (vs Sakuraba) and a lot of other good stuff.

Some good stuff about Dana White and what he's like off-screen as well. Dana should hire Tommy to be his PR rep because he really made him seem like a good guy, LOL.

Definitely check out the interview if you have time before or after the UFC!

donttazemebro - thanks. dana keeps offering me jobs but I keep turning him down because I'm a gambling addict so vegas would be my demise (just kidding)

thanks for checking in.

TTT for Tommy. If you want to hear some interesting stories about Rampage, Pride, the Japanese business, Dana White and the UFC you should definitely listen to what he has to say.


Pretty good stuff last night.

As QJ has improved his boxing thru the years he has become capable of doing exactly what he did last night more often.

Styles make fights.

Does anyone remember his K1 fights with K1 kickoxer Cyril Abiddi? That was sometime ago but I always thought he learned alot from his striking coach (back then)Colin Oyama.

I like his chances going foward.

Tommy, good point about his fight vs. Abidi in K-1...I think Rampage's postfight interview may have distracted people LOL. Even though Abidi ended up with an iffy record he was definitely a different breed of striker than most people in MMA at the time.

Quinton seems to have come out pretty unscatched from his problems earlier with the police and stuff. I agree things seem to be looking up for him.



donttazemebro-thanks. you sound like you know what's up.

great to hear from the folks that took me up on my offer to chat via my e mail address :

hope evryone had a good time watching the UFC



Have a safe and Happy New Year's eve wherever you end up.