Exercises to increase Punching Power?

I've had about three years of boxing experience with two different coaches and I've absolutely learned a lot.

I sort of "left" boxing to focus more on MMA in the last 2 years or so, but recently I've had knee surgery and it looks like I won't be back on the mat for a while to do any groundwork so I'm going to be strictly training standup for the next........6 months it looks like

Anyway, my strong point has always been raw punching power, and I pretty much base my entire fighting strategy around it

That being said, while recovering from knee surgery I can't really do anything besides hit a heavy bag and weights.

Are there any good exercises/weight routines/bag routines I can do to build punching power?

Any help is appreciated.

Check out www.rossboxing.com for ideas/workouts


develop a strong back and core.

Learn proper technique.

Read Dempsey's boxing manual.

learn to sit down