"Exit on Blue"

Condit's corner tells him this between rounds.

Any insight? just curious.

Is blue code name for when he(condit) is in trouble? or trapped? hehehe secret codes so fun

does blue mean scared?

when i was 5 years old, freddy kreuger had his own tv show.

and even tho i was scared i would force myself to watch.

most nights I would fall a sleep watching this freddy show, and have nightmares. I ended up making a signal with myself that hlped me wake from this nightmare.

Just curious.

is this condit's "exit on blue"

I thought it was to do with the side of the Octagon. Isn't there a "red corner" and a "blue corner"?

As the fight went on, I figured Jackson saw some hole in Diaz's footwork that would allow Condit to evade his forward movement.

I reckoned "exit on blue" was a mnemonic. Maybe it meant something like "disengage after he throws the jab/hook..."?

 i too wonder what that code meant