Experience with Monster Rings and Cages?

I'm researching a couple companies to manufacture a Octagon Floor Cage for my gym. Price wise Monster Rings and Cages seem very competitive. Can anyone vouch for their quality? Has anyone bought one of their cages? Any other companies worth checking out?

we bought a floor ring from them a few months back. the delivery was a little slow and the directions were iffy but other than that, pretty good quality. no problems so far. make sure you get the canvas floor. the vinyl cleans up well be is slippery as hell when you sweat.

I've used and set up several cages. I've been using one of Mikes from Monster rings and cages for the last year. It is by far the best I've used, set up, and fought in. I highly recomend buying from Mike. I about to buy another cage for my new Gym. I set up my 20' cage last Thursday by myself while my guys where training in an 1 Hr 24 minutes only using there help to put up the cage panels. I can tear down with two guys and have loaded on a trailer in 35 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Chris Larkin

Rings and Cages, Inc.


Best price and strongest rings and cages out there using stronger steel, fencing and vinyl than the rest out there. Easy color coded slot groove system, numbered posts and panels for easy assembly. Plus 1 yr warranty on steel and welding. For raised floor cages and rings THE WOOD FLOORING IS INCLUDED, no other company is offering that either included in the price. You also get free training on how to set up your cage if you pick your cage up and pics of how your cage is coming along as it is being built. Also completion dates are given for your product as EVERYTHING is custom built. You don't sit back wondering when your cage will be finished

You can also try THROWDOWN, FREAKSTRONG, COMBAT SPORTS and SINISTER ANGEL. Compare the prices, exactly what you are getting (grades of steel, grades of fencing core plus finished product, grade of vinyl, warranties, training on setup or not etc...).

I used to send business Mike's way all the time, I think you can still find posts on here from me telling people they can try him as well. Even after I opened up and started building cages myself I still would refer people to Mike if they had something they wanted I did not do. In the last few months, many things arose that made me quit sending or even wanting to send people to him.