Extreme Street Fighting Ad?

This site is, for the most part, great. I would consider it (from what little I know), the HW weight champ of mma forums, and a top source for mma news as well. It seems very well respected in the community as well. It is called mma.tv!

That said, has anyone seen the ad on the OG for "Extreme Street Fighting?" The add contains such gems as "See Skulls Get Cracked", "Brutal Knockouts!", and "Beat Down, Hardcore." I realize this is a business, but is that the affiliation this site and community wants to have, especially as it is becoming mainstream and legitimizing its status as a respected sport?

Yeah, wtf! Now we (including the site itself) look like the typical trash that is associated with such crap as "extreme street fighting." Good job mma.tv, good job.


Not to mention, I know many media outlets have been referred to this site when they are doing background research for an mma-related piece. Certainly not the type of thing that the mma community would want to advertise the cause.

The UFC should step up and pay Kirik to take that crap off and replace with something else, say Xyience. Seriously. It would be in their business interests in the long run. They get enough free pub and apparently, editorial discretion, on this site as is.

Others must have an opinion on this.