Extreme Weight Loss

I was curious if anyone here has undergone a serious change to their life and lost a large amount of weight.

I know there are a lot of old wrestlers and athletes here and it's very easy to put on weight after you have hung it up and your not as active as you once were.

What methods have you guys used to get the weight off?

Any particular type of diets anyone would recommend?

Just thought it would be cool to get some thoughts from you guys.


Reduce you calorie intake or increase the amount of calories you burn off each day or both. So your burning more calories off everyday then you are eating.

Drink a gallon of water a day

Eat small meals but more often doing the day, 6-8 small meals maybe.

Cardio first thing in the morning before you eat anything, Really trying to lose weight then do more cardio before you go to sleep

Its not rocket science...

And so called diet's like slimfast, and the south beach diets are for fat chicks

There was a good article some where, I'll see if I can find it and post it.

Getting up and putting in the road work is a must. Your all around quality of life is much better when you are exercising.

I was 260 on July 4th, now 235, gunning for 205. I stopped drinking alcohol and soda, and really turned up the cardio.

I lost a lot of weight eating alot more, but not combining my proteins and carbs., in other words eat them seperate at least 2 hrs apart.
I didnt drink any water before or after my meals so my stomach fluids would be rich for better digestion, drinking water will dilute the acid fluids in the stomach which will slow down digestion process.
I forgot the name of the book in which i read all this info but in two weeks i started to see big results, plus i was feeling energized, ready to do more.