Eye pokes on purpose? Seriously?

Who would stoop that low?

A guy getting his ass kicked?

He dropped like he sniped

What about all the rest, including the one where they took a point away?

 have you ever been poked in the eye before DA?

I think that last one was on purpose. That was some 3 Stooges crap, especially after he has been warned in this fight.


 ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???!!!!

Johnson loses??

NC or DQ IMO...



LOL @ " looks like he missed the uppercut, but the fingers landed cleanly"

Rogan cracked me up with that one.

Anthony Johnson is a class act. Hopefully this fight will get reviewed and the judgement overturned.

I am so pissed. Johnson was absolute class.

If this doesn't get turned to a NC or a DQ I will have lost
all respect for the NSAC. Bullshit.

Shoulda been NC at least, but Johnson showed much class not saying anything about that call..

johnson won me as a fan with what he said after the fight. guess ill have to root for him now.
as for burns ehh does he have a history of doing this?