Of course.  It only took one round.  He pokes the eye and throws a hook at that eye immediately on the restart.  Dirty fighter.

At 0:53 he threw a jab with all five fingers extended.  Completey open hand.  When is an A/C or ref going to punish this?

Two guarantees in life. The sun will rise everyday and.... Phone Post 3.0

Don't Leave it in the Hands of the Eyes!

Hope they take points away. Phone Post 3.0

And number two Phone Post 3.0

AGAIN!  Don't threaten to take a point, TAKE A FUCKING POINT.  Jesus!

Good lord take a point the second time Phone Post 3.0

It's Glovers fault, he should have worn James Worthy goggles to this

If AJ fought Jon tonight he would've murdered Jones, and took that belt home laughing the whole way with Suga smirkin. Phone Post 3.0

if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.

Johnny Mclain - hands open the ENTIRE fight

He's an innovative striker. I heard he had his fingers extended.

dhughes - Don't leave it in the hands of OMG my fucking EYES!!! Phone Post 3.0
haha Phone Post 3.0

Even Rogan calling Jones out on it.  He pokes the eye twice, then attacks that eye with elbows.  It's a strategy, and these incompetent refs are letting him get away with it.  I'm wishing another fighter would just blatantly eye gouge him back. 

FYI Jesus Christ wasn't keen on the eye for an eye deal Phone Post 3.0


Who would Jesus Eyepoke?

It's just shameful officiating, period.  Jones commits eye poking fouls in EVERY fight.  It should be brought up during the fighters' meeting, and they should be deducting a point for every offense.  If he commits his first eye poke two minutes into the fight (like he did tonight), he should lose his first point two minutes into the fight.  Instead, Jones pokes they eye, doesn't even receive a warning, then immediately attacks that eye.  He again pokes the eye, only receives a verbal warning.  Jones then spends the rest of the match placing his fingers over the face of his opponent, and the referee does and says nothing.

At this point I don't even blame Jones.  He keeps getting away with it, so why stop? If you go into a fight with Jones and he sticks his fingers in your eye, WHATCHOOGONNADO, BROTHER?  The referees are clearly not enforcing the rules.

Mad Xyientist - Don't Leave it in the Hands of the Eyes!
I laughed , VU Phone Post 3.0