Ezekiel choke

what is the Ezekiel choke??? i know a bunch of chokes, but don't know the fancy names you guys use.

also, why do people have different colour names. i know greens are for pros, but what about the others.

sorry, i'm new here


Ezekiel choke is where you have one forearm underhooking opponents neck and your other forearm is on top. You grab the inside of your own sleeves (each hand grabs the other arm's sleeve) and you pull and apply pressure for the the choke.

Green names are for people who have had a professional fight. Blue names are available for everyone--it's called a pro membership. You get HTML privelidges, email and tapout hotties. Red names are for moderators. They are like ancient japanese emperors, don't look at them directly or respond to their posts unless your post count is at least 1,000.