Has anyone here tried the FIGHT program or seen the dvd's? There is a place by my house.

I did the fight program There is a lot of good techniques. The stand up borrows a lot from Muay Thai. There is not a lot of emphasis on ground work because the system attempts to end a confrontation before it goes to the ground. In a nutshell it is a good self defense system. It doesn't translate into MMA that well, if that is what you are interested in. On the other hand, the classes are fun and you get a decent work out. Count on doing a lot of pushups and setups, etc.

Oh, and the DVDs you get when you start the class are pretty good. I have lots of instructional videos (Sperry, Ralf Gracie, Cesar Gracie, etc.) The FIGHT instructional series are the easiest to follow.

Thanks for the input. The main school is about ten minutes from my house. I'm suprised that they don't do groundwork.


They do have some groundwork, which is based on BJJ, but that is only for advanced students. The philosphy is to "short circuit" you opponent and inflict much damage as quickly as possible. Like I said, it is more self-defense oriented. There is very little emphasis on defense - they use constant attacking as a defense.

I had visited their school. It is a Mix of a few styles. Krav Maga being the most dominant. The main instructor is a crazy dude, but you might like him once you get to know him. He is also a Blue Belt in BJJ and a certified instructor under Vut in Muay Thai...I think!!