Faber Talks Edgar, East Coast vs. West Coast Rival


“There’s things that he’s really good at, I feel like we’re both really well rounded, and there’s things that he’s really good at and thing’s that I’m really good at and they match up really well for me I feel like. At [1]55 he was the faster guy at [1]45 I was probably the faster guy, at [1]35 I feel like I’m still one of the fastest guys and at [1]45 I feel like he’s still one of the fastest guys. So the speed thing is going to be a factor, he’s probably a little bit bigger than me but like I said I feel like I’m going to die every time I make 135.

“I feel like his MMA wrestling is really good, my MMA wrestling is so-so and my jiu-jitsu in MMA is really good and his, I feel like [is] so-so.”

“This gets me pumped, a challenge like this, against a guy like this, this is exactly why I started fighting.”

Then Faber had some fun with his opponent and threw out some “fighting words”.

“Frankie, West Coast homie. No blow-outs over here, my hair is long I just put it up in a bun or throw a hat on. We don’t shave little lines in our hair, we don’t shape our sideburns into like pointy things, we just chill out. If we want to take our shirt off it’s not weird we don’t get yelled at, we just take our shirt off. West Coast. We don’t fake tan, we don’t shave our chest, we don’t pluck our eyebrows. So that’s the big difference.”