Fabiano Iha's Comeback!!!

Iha has just signed to fight on September 30, 2006 @ the Empire Challenge. We will post the fights as soon as CSAC approves bouts early this coming week!
Fighters who have committed to fight against each other upon approval CSAC:

Bobby Gamboa vs Ian McCall

Cory Cass vs Jay Valencia

Zach Light (Trains with Rob McCollough) vs Conor Heun(Legends Gym)

We will add the final bouts upon approval.



Duane Oliver vs Brett Cooper (Mandingo Antonio McKee's gym).

Jesse Taylor (Team Quest) vs Asher-BenYehuda (Iha Academy)


always liked Iha - one of my 1st hand "bloody" experiences sitting ringside (and I was instantly hooked ;-)


Good card thus far. Do you need a couple of more fighters? I have a few guys looking to get some work in.

King Of ArmBars !

Ken P, please enable your in-coming mail.

Conor is a stud on the ground...I know Zach is a sweet wrestler that could be the sleeper fight of the night!!

Magical Ray is correct.

HK - That's so what I remember about the fight - like Oh shit!  Little did I know that I would see the likes of the blood letting of Yves and the most recent of Duwees.  Knowing that most everything heals, makes it more exciting and tolerable - but then again I pick my baseball teams by who can clear the bench the fastest.  I've always loved a good fight.

Good luck on the card.  later, lawdymama

Good luck to Ray on the 9th. Should be a great fight. Looking forward to seeing Cub Swanson too.

The admiral of armbars returns!!

Ray is right...Conor vs Zach should be a sick fight!

Yes it is.

Fabiano has alot of deals going ...he looks great in his training! Good luck to everyone in the fight. I will add the rest of the card soon. Only 401 seats... a very limited seating venue out of our training center.

Dan what's up my brotha!


cant wait!

Good luck Conor!

Iha by armbar.

Zack is a badass I hope that his opponent isn't looking past him

I will try to enable but in the mean time I can be reached at KenPavia@MMAAgents.com

It's more Zach's comeback fight than Iha's.

Fabiano last fought last year but Zach doesn't seem to have fought since 2002.

Funny since I just saw a piece of Zach Light's fight with Spratt on the TUF show. WHat was going on with his chest? That looked really weird.