Fairtex: ProMitts or Pads???

My old Thai Pads have shit the bed. I need a new pair.

Fairtex has these new "ProMitts" that are basicaly really long focus mitts. They are supposedly focus mitts made for kneeing and kicking.

Has anyone tried these out? Are they any good? Can they handle kicking and knees, like they say?

Or should I just go with the ol' stand-by and get the "regular" Thai Pads.

What thinkest thou?

I have a pair of the pros from Twins and like them
very much. I mostly use them to hold for hands, but
they are fine for knees, elbows, and light kicks (but
not full-force thai kicks).

Thanks bro. So we are talking everything, but kicks @ about 50-60%?

Are they the same length as the Pads or abit shorter?

I appreciate the info.


That's right. And they are shorter and lighter than
regular Thai pads. Basically just extended focus

I would buy some new thai pads and kick hard as normal. I dont like the promitts but maybe I have become a stick in the mud.

Just to be clear, if it's an either/or I would get
regular thai pads as Boyscout recommends. There
is no substitute for them when throwing hard kicks
and knees.

I like the promitts as an alternative to regular focus
mitts because they offer a bit more versatility.

The mitt's are 'ok' but I'd go with the thai pads.



Sorry, bro. I'm an asshole. I have finally had the addition done (I could write a book on the f*cking issues I had to deal with, with the contractor, but I won'r bore you).

Suffice it to say, I have spent the last 5 weeks coming home from work, working on my house and working on my house all weekend long.

I come online @ work when I get time, and we have been spending past 2 weeks preparing to close the books for not only the end of the month, but the end of the year.
I am finagling our manafacturing contras and am finally finished.

Anyhow, I WILL have time this weekend bro. I owe you and Hyman an e-mail.

Thanks guys for all the advice. I am going to go with the pads. I'm always looking for something new...but, sometimes if it ain't broken...don't fix it.

Happy New Year!