Fake Accounts are ruining this website

The Trap Gambino page making all kinds of outlandish claims and replies is NOT the real Trap Gambino. The intent behind the poster is to make Gambino look bad and is a troll page.

You people seriously need to start checking who you’re talking to before jumping to conclusions. It’s easy to pretend to be anybody online. Check the source guys! Be smarter than this!




Honestly, i’d rather have the trap gambino/steve fake accounts that are least good humored than all the asshole political fake accounts.


This is like meta within meta. A inception scenario.


I have no idea who trap gambino is or what this fuckery is about but it is funny reading a fake account made 6 hours ago bringing it up.


The fake accounts are self aware now.

You, yes you. What happens if you’re the only real person on this site and everyone else is a bot?

Look into it.

Yes, it’s very clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about. You didnt need to point that out.

Is this fister and tacos way of making up?

The fake Gambino just gave Trap more publicity and presence than the real Trap ever got himself.

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I feel like we’re being trolled here.

Look at fake Trap’s thread, it blew up and now everyone knows about Trap.

Then Trap joins and cant even bother to take a pic or video or even a fucking avatar, and tries to shut down the only promotion he ever had.

If fake trap went on Dr Phil, he wouldve slapped the taste right out of that bitch Phil’s mouth for disrespek!

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Catch me up, is this the fat guy with a made up name who is about 10 yrs behind the times with his look/act? I think I heard him and some chick on mma roasted.

They made him wear a t-shirt like a female fighter, lol.

They had to do something to contain all that raw power


A troll within a troll

They said it couldn’t be done; it’s too dangerous

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