Fakes out there - shady f'ers

there is a legit black belt in our region, Chad Beatty, under Almeida... LEGIT and a real class act.

there is a fake guy out there who is passing himself as a black belt. Jay Russel... i started training w/ him over 7 years ago for about less than 1 year... he swindled people out of money and was a god damned liar...

left him, ended up finally at a good spot in my life at a legit school w/ a strong team of like minded GOOD people...

true story, he swindled a kid w/ cerebral palsy out of 400 dollars. kid wanted to take jits and his dad prepaid for a period of time and for a new gi... NO SHOW, NO GO... He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.. he will be your best friend to your face and then take you for all your money...

i stayed quiet all this time because as usual, scum like this usually dig their own graves and ruin their reps on their own... hearing about the kid w/ cp who got took got me heated... so i post...

fucking liar, and crook, and all time low to fuck over a kid like that who just wants to learn bjj and is willing to try his best even though he's disabled... broke my heart to hear it, and i hope you all stay clear of this fucker.

stay clear of him and his fast talk ways...

and if you read this, Jay, you are a leech, and a straight up dirty scumbag. good luck in all your endeavors, asshole.


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Re: Fakes in the game = shady f'kers.
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now, the only people i recognize as being honest w/ their credentials in my area are:

Empire martial arts - hands down the best school, but i'm biased, i train there. Affiliated w/ Carlos Machado.

Chad Beatty. You MUST know who the chad is if you post here, nuff said.

Victor braga - nova uniao.. nice guy, hope i am right w/ the last name.

Lionkillbjj - affiliated w/ Soca (hope i'm right on that one).

A purple belt under renzo (can't space the name). don't really know this guy, but atleast he's honest.

Jason Morris = JUDO olympic silver medalist; diff sport but the tops if you are into Judo.

forgive me if i forgot anyone... it was not in any way a disrespect to you...

Jay Russell has a black belt in Jap. JJ and is passing himself off as a black in BJJ... he's also the lowest form of scum in our sport..... stear clear of this guy... it takes an all time low life f*cker to do what he does..

Jay, if you are reading this... No, we are not cool w/ each other... .i was willing to let it slide that you f*cked me over alot of money because atleast i 'paid' you off to get rid of your ass from my life... but to see you are still f*cking people over after you made such a "heart felt" change and turn around in your life is sickening to me....

JAY RUSSELL, a f*cking fake.

Where is he located? I assume you're upstate and I know Chad is in Saratoga Springs

upstate somewhere... not sure where because he's moving locations all the time...

i smell a dojo storm brewing....

i won't dojo storm him. i have a life w/out stress in it, and i don't need that shit... i would stretch him out if we rolled...

i just wanted people to keep their guard up when they hear this name.

thats no fun, does he still have students?

u mention u paid him off and all that shit, exactly how did he manage to get into ur life so much to make u feel threatened and bothered by him?

Isn't Jay Russell one of Tai Kai Martial Arts instructors? I thought I heard a few years ago that he received his BB from one of Machado's BB's but I could be wrong.

that sucks Kosta.  i HATE fakes.  and he's gone beyond that and taken $$$ from the family of a kid with CP.  you should give the kid a few privates or something man - to show the family that BJJ is family.  that totally sucks what happened

WHAT?! An American that cheats people and is friends to their face while only wanting their money?! I thought every one here thought that only Brazilians were doing that!

Seriously, he sounds like a real gem.

FarEast... i don't have enough time in my life to hoook the kid up... that's besides the point... just pointing out this guy for potential future victims.

walbjj... you know how it goes.. you start out in new martial art, become intoxicated with it, and have NO REASON to not believe your instructor who is friendly and becomes involved in your life and asks you how things are going..etc etc... the whole thing was an act, and a good con. i'll give it to him.. he is a fast talker and quick thinker... i and dozens of people ... DOZENS of people... pre paid for a year, or months, or whatever... and pre paid for GIs, gear, etc.. and the guy blows it on drugs and bullshit.

shit, he even lied to me and had me drive him to a drug spot under the disguise of it being a "friend's mother's house"... why would i think he's lying? it happened all abrupt like, "peace, i'm out w/ your money, suckers!".

wow, thats an amazing story, im sure u have many more.


i sense sarcasm. maybe true meaning is lost in typed word vs. spoken word. i'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but everything i say is true.

good people are taken advantage of everyday. just pointing out a particular repeat offender. i usually let karma do its job, but i'm just trying to prevent him from conning future victims.

Thank you for mentioning LionKill as one of the "good ones." They are my jiu jitsu team and they are great guys.

And thank you for the warning re: Jay Russel.

yeah, the lionkill guys have always been around in one form or another... either when JWhite was around and what not. they have NEVER sold themselves off as black belts and are "paying their dues" like us and all the other honest ones, one legit belt at a time...