Fastest KO in UFC History


Hits the deck at the :03 mark.

Sorry Duffee fans.

They are never accurate with those times anyway.

 similar to anderson vs griffin


Seriously, that's Bang's record.

Pain dont hurt - Seriously, that's Bang's record.


Kerr knocked that ranger guy out quick

 Ref stops it at .04 seconds. Bang has the record.

yeah I remembered that fight too on sat. Too slow to stop the clock for sure.

 Bang's had the record for years now.

straight up

for me, fastest ko is when the knock out punch lands

The ref waving the fight or the guy on the clock have no bearing on it imo.

Bang lands his punch after 3 seconds, Duffee landed the ko blow after 5 seconds.

Bangs record, we should try to rewrite the history books.

I was there live at the hard rock live and when they said 0:13 seconds I swear to god I thought I was a drunken pig.