Fastest KO in US - Iowa Challenge?

This last Sat. my buddy won by KO 4 seconds into the fight. Is that the fastest KO in the US...Joe Jordan

smi7: Was that reported to sherdog or fcfighter

I saw a clip on here of a guy scoring a 2 second KO in some small US event.

Also, Crazy Bob Cook scored a 4 second KO in a show called Rumble in Reno back in the mid to late 90s. Pat Minihan scored a 3 second KO in IFC back in 2001.

Whatever happened to Minihan anyway? He looked like a good prospect.


Its not up yet however it was a MMA event sanctioned by the Florida Athletic Commission so its legit. It will be posted on there site as well as fcfighter and sherdog once the promoter sends in the results

Jason Dolder

The bout was Sean Wiggins vs. Matthew Wooley

whats the fastest tap known?

The fastest submission I can think of off the top of my head is Rumina Sato's 6 second flying armbar over Charles Taylor (aka Charles Taylor Marshall aka Charles Diaz).

Mikhail Illoukhine scored a 5 second achilles lock victory over his training partner in a work (in the same tourney that Illoukhine beat Vovchanchin), but... it was a work.

That KO was against a pretty tough guy, too. I know Al took Tyrone Roberts the distance and even rocked him a couple times, so props to Ryan Antle. Props to Joe Jordan on his win Sat. too!

What about yamamoto's recent KO?

Dan Monses KO'd Rich Mitchell with a head kick in just under 2 seconds at a show up here in MA September of last year

I think a properly timed fight can not have a KO under 4 seconds. Cause think about it.

The time should start with both fighters in the corner and the ref says fight. The two fighters then need to come together (even if running at full speed, that will take a second). Fighter A then has to land whatever on fighter B to knock him out. The ref has to then make sure the fighter is out and stop the fight. The time keeper only then stops the time.

I don't see how that can take less than 4 seconds.

I think you have people exagerating their times or else the timer was started late or stopped early.

Albert has been one of my main training partners for 8 years.He is a very tough man and if he got dropped that quick than the man that did that is very impressive

I think that punch would KO about anybody Ryan's hit on Newberry was solid. And Joe Jordan wow your a animal you had the whole crowd on ther feet.

Actually Antles's record is 3-10 according to  the FCF database, with losses coming from Tyrone Roberts and forum icon Brandon Quigley. Just shows anybody can be caught at any given moment. Albert will be back I'm sure.