Favorite BJJ book

Since I haven’t been able to workout since my ACL surgery I’ve been reading a lot of the new books on BJJ.  So far, my clear favorite is Mastering Jujitsu by Renzo.  What I really like about this book is that it’s got a nice balance of history, theory, and techniques.  I really liked the case studies that showed the evolution of MMA.  Some of the other books I have purchased have a lot of techniques but I don’t really like them as much.  I usually will pick up a few details from these tech books but for the most part it’s very difficult to show the small fine details that really makes something work in book form.  Also, for the most part once you are a bluebelt you know or at least have seen most of the techniques.  If I were teaching a college class for BJJ I would make Mastering Jujitsu required reading.    

That is my favorite too. Black Belt Techniques by Jean Jaques Machado is good too.

I think Ive read The Gracie Way a thousand times. I love that book.

I'd rank The Gracie Way as my 2nd favorite book.  The pictures they have in there are amazing and I really liked the format.  My favorite section is the one on Carlson.  I actually laughed out loud when Carlson kicked all of the guys out of his apartment becuase his neighbors thought he was gay becuase of all the young buff fighters that were always over there.  That book should have been 2000 pages instead of 200.  There were so many good stories in there. 

Mastering Jujitsu by Renzo is the best- good call.

For beginners- the Gene Simco mastertext is a great introductory.

Passing the Guard has the best explanations of specifc techniques and their details.

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Black Belt Techniques-JJMachado


The Fighter's Notebook. I think the fighting game has changed a bit since that book first came out, but not really THAT much, so 99% of the information in it still holds up very well.

John Will's books are great.

Black Belt Techniques by Jean Jaques Machado is my favorite too, but that's the only one I own. I stick to videos mostly. The pictures in that one are really good at showing the details of the techniques.

Hey Rodney, I hope the knee is healing up well. I really like JJ Machado's book. So far, it my favorite. It has gi an no gi...and its full of nice little set ups for various techniques. I also like Royler's no gi book as well. John Will has some good books but they are pretty basic.


BB Techs by JJ Machado.


Vital Judo Grappling...better than most BJJ books out there.