Favorite BJJ Drills?

I'm looking for some drills I can do at home to improve my agility and flexibility.

Please discuss and post suggestions.

Besides posting here. :)

gynastica natural


I like just elbow escape and upa.

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OK, he is asking people for help not people to post websites that they know about!

Try these, sit on the floor, pull your right knee up toward your chest and then cross your right leg over your left, now take your right arm and put your right knee in your right elbow, just like someones throat, now go through the steps of a rear naked choke and, and choke your knee as hard as you can, hold it for as long as possible then switch sides. This will make your rear naked chokes awesomely strong, plus will stretch your hips for flexibility.

practing escaping your hips on the ground as well, posting one foot and escaping that hip, (if you post your left foot, escape to the left hip) also extend one of your arms, behind your head and touch the ground or mat.

stretching all of your muscles are the best way to increase flexibility, do each stretch, by holding it as long as you can, weight lifting isn't a bad idea either.