Favorite combos?

what is everyones favorite comobos? i know that people are different and they fight different ways. so that means a different use of combos etc. i was just curious about u guys's so that maybe i could better my own muay thai with ur knowledge. so lets hear em even better if they won u a match. i have some that one me a couple matches but i tell yall later.

Jab, Cross

Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Hook

Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross

Jab, Cross, Roundhouse

Roundhouse, Cross

Push kick, roundhouse

etc... ....

I like to work opposites.
Jab - right round kick.

Right cross - left round kick(the switch is optional).
Jab-cross-hook-right round kick.
Cross-hook-cross-left round kick.

In class, we also play same side
i.e. Jab - left switch kick.
Cross-right round kick

I also try and work different lines of attack
high-low etc

My other favourites include
Jab-left hook- right round kick.
Push kick (left)-right round kick.

OR if it is off the check
i.e. opponent throws right round kick
check(with left)-left round kick-right cross reverse for the opposite side

oppo throws right round kick
check (with left)-and as I am checking extend the hand that is opposite to the checking side(right hand into oppo's face), this then allows for the setup of the left round kick

Jab, cross, l. hook, r. round kick.

Jab, cross, l. round kick.

Jab, cross, l. hook to body, r. hook to head.

Push kick, cross, l. hook.

l. round kick, r. spinning back kick.

Jab, jab, spinning back fist.

Fun, fun, fun especially landing those spinning moves. Those can just demoralize your opponent.


jab-uppercut-hook-cross = sweet jeesus!

jab-hook-cross- forward roundkick






God! I LOVE that combo! I keep trying to teach it to my guys, but they just don't take to it. Well you know what they say:

"You can lead a horse to water..."

Khun Kao

"You can lead a horse to water..."

Khun Kao

LOL! Muhahhahhaah

Back in my boxing/kickboxing days at Camp LeJune (USMC) That was my bomb. If I saw that my opponent was slowing or stunned from a jab and off his mark or not ready to set his feet it was GO!

I'm usually work from behind the jab. Just such an excellent punch. distance control, distraction, direct and crisp and so little body motion to give it away.